EvoPEX® is a revolutionary step forward in potable water systems, allowing for rapid installation along with safe and highly efficient water delivery throughout the home.

There are just three steps to install an EvoPEX® fitting without tools. Watch how you can get a perfect join in seconds.


We offer a complete range of couplings, connectors, breeches and elbows to help you make light work of every job.

Faster installation means greater profit on every job

The all new EvoPEX® system delivers the joints strength and reliability that’s comparable to traditional ‘press’ systems with the speed and convenience of ‘pushfit’. We call this new technology ‘Push to Connect’ and it’s set to revolutionise the way Australian plumbers work. The swivel design of EvoPEX® fittings makes it a highly flexible solution that’s smart. Combined with our range of super strong fittings, the system allows you to rough-in PEX potable water pipe faster than ever before. You can have total confidence in the quality of your joints – EvoPEX® is backed with a full 25 year system warranty. EvoPEX® is sure to save you hours of installation time on every job.