Straight Coupling

Code Description
1544880 16mm
1544881 20mm

Reducing Coupling

Code Description
1544882 20 X 16mm

Female Connector

Code Description
1544885 16mm X 1/2" FI
1544886 20mm X 3/4" FI

Male Connector

Code Description
1544883 16mm X 1/2" MI
1544884 20mm X 3/4" MI
1545191 20mmX 1/2” MI

Loose nut connector

Code Description
1544906 16 X 1/2" FI
1544907 20 X 3/4" FI


Code Description
1544887 16mm
1544888 20mm


Code Description
1544899 16 X 16 X 16mm
1544900 20 X 20 X 20mm
1544901 20 X 20 X 16mm
1544902 20 X 16 X 20mm
1544903 20 X 16 X 16mm

Stop End

Code Description
1544904 16mm
1544905 20mm

Male Elbow

Code Description
1545192 16mm X 1/2" MI

Female Elbow

Code Description
1544890 16mm X 1/2” FI

Female Lugged Elbow

Code Description
1544891 16mm X 1/2" FI
1544892 20mm X 3/4" FI

Male Lugged Elbow

Code Description
1544893 16mm X 1/2" MI (185)
1544894 16mm X 1/2" MI (100)
1544895 20mm X 3/4" MI (185)
1544896 20mm X 1/2" MI (100)
1545170 20mm X 1/2" MI (185)
1545193 16mm X 1/2” MI (73)

Recycled Elbow

Code Description
1544897 20mm X 5/8” MI (100)
1544898 20mm X 5/8” MI (185)

Recessed Assembly

Code Description
1544908 300mm
1544909 200mm

Shower Assembly

Code Description
1544910 200mm
1544911 150mm

Conversion Coupling

Code Description
1544912 16mm X DN15cu
1544913 20 X DN20cu

>B< Press Adaptors

Code Description
1544001 16mm X 15mm
1544002 20mm X 20mm

EvoPex Tube Cutters

Code Description
8022050 12mm - 25mm

Where to buy

EvoPEX™ is available across Reece Plumbing stores in Victoria. If you're looking to purchase within another state, please contact your nearest Reece store.

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EvoPEX™ Tech guide

The EvoPEX™ Tech Guide is full of handy installation tips and provides size, specification and performance details for our entire range of fittings.

EvoPEX Technical Product Guide
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Product Support

Frequently asked questions

Yes, EvoPEX® fittings can be rotated after assembly and will not affect the integrity of the joint.
EvoPEX® fittings are suitable for burial in most applications; however, care is required when using fittings in applications that require burial to ensure the correct installation practices are used and due care is given to any environmental factors that may have a detrimental effect on the life expectancy of the fittings and pipe.
An EvoPEX® system can be tested immediately once all connections are made. Pressure testing guidelines and requirements as per AS/NZS 3500.
No tools are required to make a fitting connection. PEX cutters are required for cutting EvoPEX® pipe. Proper pipe cutters and deburring tools are needed for other pipe types used with copper transition fittings.
Prevent the EvoPEX® fittings from coming in contact with primers, solvent cements, and other solvents. When using firestops or other expanding fillers, protect the EvoPEX™ fittings from contact by wrapping (polyethylene wrap - min. 2 layers) the fittings in areas where contact is possible.